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If you need financing for the property, you want to be sure you pre approved for a mortgage in the amount that you need (this will ensure that you not wasting everyone time), or you can even propose that the seller finance the sale for you (although this is a much less conventional route).

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a. You can call the realtor directlyand explain what you'd like to do (they'll usually be happy to help you put together a written offer on their standard purchase agreement).

b. You can call the propertyowner and try to work directly with them (however, I've found thatmany of them will just refer you to their agent. because they don't know what they're doing either and that's why they enlisted the help of their agent in the first place).

The first step is to send an offer (contingent upon an inspection period, when you can get in the property and have a good look at what you buying). Your offer is usually accompanied by a deposit (usually $500 Air Max Men Outfit

There are other things that need to be handled during this process as well (appraisals, title work, etc.) but these items are usually taken care Nike Air Max 95 Mens Running Shoes

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$1,000) to let the seller know that you serious, and to make the contract legally binding if/when the seller accepts.

If/when your offer is accepted, you generally have a set period of time to call an inspector (if you want) and/or walk through the property yourself to check it out. If you see any big problems, you can try to renegotiate the price lower. If everything is acceptable as is, you can schedule a closing date and take possession as quickly as your banker, closing agent and seller are able to move.

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In the end I'd say that the best approach is the one that will allow you to take action. Don't feel paralyzedandsit on the sidelines just because you don't have a realtor in your corner. Be proactive and make things happen! You'dbe surprised at how far you can get on your own if you just start moving forward. Work with an agent for offering on MLS properties (this is required for HUD foreclosures), use wholesalers cut out the entire offer/acceptance process, and learn to write your own offers for dealing directly with individual sellers on non listed properties. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Residential 1 4 family Sales Contract (TREC No. 20 12) is pretty self explanatory, although TREC and the state say it's only for use by licensed agents. That being said I have seen many non licensed investors use it, and it's the most common contract I see.

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c. You can cut to the chase andsenda written offer directly to the realtor,usingyour purchase agreement template (not the standard issue document that most realtors use). The benefit with this approach is that you'll be able tolay out the terms of the transactionexactly the way that you are willing to accept them. Even thoughthere's no guarantee that the seller will accept your offer, this approachwill at leastallow you to use documentation that you're most familiar with.

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I would like to be able to get there and see the property also before I make a deal. what types of properties you looking at, whether or not these properties are listed by a real estate agent, whether or not you need financing, what the purpose of your investment is, etc.) it really not hard to move forward once you know you want to pull the trigger and purchase.

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of by your bank and/or closing agent.

To make an offer, you can work through the real estate agent (assuming it listed on the MLS), or you can write up your own purchase agreement and send it directly to the property owner.

I have never purchased any piece of real estate in my life, and I just don know how to do it. And the fact that I am looking out of state Red Air Max 95 doesn make it easier. I have no out of state connections in any of the markets I looked at.

Is fear holding you back? The actual process is easy. Making the right decision is the key. Are you working with a knowledgeable realtor? Do you have any investor friends that have experience to help guide you? Are you sure the price is right on the properties? Do you have a plan? Buying real estate is like getting married. It can be easy to get into, but difficult to get out of. Planning is very important. Once you buy the property, then what? Rehab? Fix and flip? Rental? Set out with a simple plan. Know your long and short term goals. Once you get one or Nike Air Max 95 London Edition

two done, you might realize the biggest obstacle was in your own mind. Good luck and best wishes to your success. You definitely helped clear things up a little. I going to start looking into getting pre approved. I be lying if I said I dont get in my own head a little bit. My goal for the first purchase is a rental property. One of the areas I been looking at was actually down your way, Cape Coral or Bonita Springs. Some realtors can provide some valuableinput (and you're right, it doesn't cost me anything as the buyer). If you want to make an offer, there are a fewways you can approach it:

Buying First Property

Ok, here the deal. I been spending hours and hours looking at single and multi family homes for the past week or so. I been searching out of state, because New Jersey properties really just aren an option for me right now. I come across a lot of, what seem to me, like good deals. However, everytime I find one, I realize I don know what to do next. I don know how to make the move. And then I usually just move on and forget about it.

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