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From the driver's perspective, Nike Air Max 95 Teal everything you see and touch is of an impressively high standard. The engineers and designers have obviously listened to the feedback about the old CTS. Fit and finish standards are high, and comfort levels are pretty good, too.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

The 3.6 model is also pretty darn quick, which is largely thanks to the responsive direct injection engine. With around 100 horsepower separating the two cars, the 2.8 variant and its more cosseting ride should appeal to buyers seeking a more relaxed experience. For what it's worth, on a good day you can have fun with either CTS you'll just be doing it that bit quicker in the 3.6 litre car.

That system includes a colour touch screen that rises from the top of the fascia and boasts a satnav function, hard drive for navigation and media storage, r adio and TV tuner, CD player, USB drive and iPod connectivity, ten speaker surround sound audio and the ability to transfer music from CD or USB drive. Try finding all that on a comparable European model.

IT'S FUNNY how history can repeat itself. Not so long ago, Cadillac opted for a minimalist albeit rakish approach when designing one of its most important mid size executive saloons. Plaudits and brickbats arrived in equal measure, with some critics saying it didn't look enough like a Cadillac.

While still a bit on the rakish side, this car's appearance includes a bit more character. There's no sign of the acres of chrome from Cadillac's past, but vertical lighting designs and a bold grille are a not so subtle nod to years gone by.

That car was the CTS. You might have heard of it or you might not. And that was part of the problem. Not only was the CTS still very much an American product in the way it drove, it was also the victim of a low Nike Air Max 95 Womens Cheap

Key to the car's appeal for many will be the Japanese levels of standard kit. There's only one trim level Air Max 95 Green

key introduction to life on the left hand side of the road.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

There is no question that this latest CTS is a head turner: the reactions from passers by only serve to confirm you first impressions. There's plenty of 'wow factor' associated with this Cadillac, and it's all positive. From the bold and dominating egg crate grille to the car's various straight edged panels and daring light fittings, there's a Buck Rodgers feel to the vehicle. Think 1950s American concept car.

On the road there's an obvious difference between the two cars. The 3.6 model feels taut, keen and willing to entertain. The trade off is the firm ride, but this is a feature likely to attract keen drivers. Such a set up is commonplace on European cars, after all.

All in all the new look suits the car. It's been cleverly positioned between the likes of BMW's 3 and 5 Series models size wise. Not too big, yet not too small, the CTS appears well proportioned. The car boasts some nice touches, including the aforementioned vertical design tail lights and intricate looking headlamps. These, coupled with the angular nature of the car's boot, should ensure that it stands out for all the right reasons.

As before, this CTS is a rear wheel drive. The sole gearbox option is a six speed auto, and if you opt for the 307bhp, 3.6 litre engine you get gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel plus a sports suspension set up. The alternative is a 208bhp, 2.8 litre V6 with a ride biased a little more towards comfort.

Cadillac hopes this more modern, sophisticated, capable and generously equipped CTS will capture that hearts of buyers seeking a change from what Europe has to offer. With a car promising so much, let's hope this time it can succeed.

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and you get the same raft of kit regardless. Frankly it would be quicker to list what you don't get, but here Air Max Nike Black White

Of course, not everyone will want or need those features, but the fact that it all works beautifully and should appease even the most technophobic of drivers is worth remembering. And to drive the car is to realise that the CTS has come a long way in a few short years.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

Cadillac CTS review

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

Now there's a new CTS. Big deal, you say. Well, actually it is. Although styled to appeal to a younger executive demographic, more emphasis has been put on incorporating traditional Cadillac design cues. It's now a better value proposition and, crucially, it's a more enjoyable and rewarding car to drive.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

goes: electric everything, climate control, cruise control, electronic stability aids, numerous airbags plus an all signing all dancing multimedia system.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

The CTS's cabin is no less impressive, largely because Cadillac has chosen to include everything bar the kitchen sink. First up, you're greeted by a bold fascia design. The various items of brightwork dotted around the place serve to boost the cabin's light and airy ambience assuming you opt for light coloured upholstery.

Nike Air Max 95 Teal

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