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No orange pylons were injured in the driving test but it was very close not something one wants to do if you on a real road.

on everyday freedoms, and conditioning the public to accept more revenue grabbing campaigns. Maybe they don like the look of the driver, or the color or their complexion, or how they sitting in the drivers seat. This gives them more opportunity to invoke a questionable judgement call, where they impose fines and difficult to prove charges, and hurt more overtaxed or underprivileged citizens with heavier legal and financial burdens. easing on the pedal when accelerating and coasting to traffic lights that are already red or flashing hand signals with an impending red? I one of these drivers (too few of us unfortunately) who coast towards an upcoming stop sign or impending red traffic light and the jackoffs behind me tailgate me (some of whom pulled up next to me only to see BOTH my hands on the steering wheel). How are the police really going to distinguish distracted driving (slow driving because of actual distraction) Air Max 95 Yellow And Black

According to CAA, drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to crash their vehicle.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Distracted driving is also the number one cause of fatal crashes on OPP patrolled roads in 2013.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

The campaign which is called aims to raise awareness about high risk driving behaviours on the road.

According to the CAA, driver distraction is a factor in over four million crashes each year in North America.

CAA launch distracted driving campaign Tuesday

and intentionally driving slow while approaching the point where you are eventually required to stop?

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This smacks of a push by the gov for more encroachment Nike Air Max 95 White And Blue

police and the OPP launched a four week campaign against distracted driving on Tuesday.

I can think of a more dangerous situation on our highways than someone dirving a vehicle while texting or on a cellphone. Not a day goes by that I don witness at least 2 5 infractions. It is my biggest fear on the road, especially on when I am on my motorcycle.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

it is one of the hardest laws to police I drive over 40 k per year and see people from ALL walks of life using their cell phones while driving every day. I also see the HOV lanes being used by vehicles with only one occupant ( as an Officer how do you patrol those lanes looking for violators ??!! ) Another big problem is after market Tinted windows a dealership will show you what is and what is not apparently if the Police can see you then the level of tint is OK, yet I see old and new cars with illegally tinted windows that are obviously too dark.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Drivers who talk on their phone are four to five times more likely to be involved in a crash.

what a lot of people do. They end up slowing right down and all of a sudden you end up causing a hazard by your vehicle going so slow on the road, Cst. Khawaja said.

TORONTO The Canadian Automobile Association, the Toronto Nike Air Max 8

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

Close was surprised how much she slowed down as she was turning Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow a corner while text messaging.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

680News reporter Charlene Close drove while distracted in a Toronto police cruiser as a test, with Toronto police driving instructor constable Arshad Khawaja riding shotgun.

Nike Air Max 95 Blue And Yellow

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