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Limited Partnership LP interests owned by individual [Self/Family], and potentially a small portion owned by the C Corp, if it Nike Air Max 95 Se

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This does require specific planning all year long. In many cases it may not be worth it. Although in the instances that it is, it is truly a tremendous savings.

Owners of the LP are involved in the operations of the C corp, it could be argued that they acted as one entity. You must be very careful to keep things separate.

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sharing plan.

I am wondering what the group thinks of a two entity stucture like this:

Just wondering about your thoughts. Am I missing anything?

[I have purposefully limited the LPs in my example to one, but in practice, I see this being several based on the various partnership you may choose to form]

C Corp wouldn dividend unless it had retained earnings >$250K (where it would get taxed to retain its earnings). so at some point you may find yourself managing to break even, or alas. paying some dividends. I beleive you could even structure the C Corporation in a manner that it could be owned by your IRA making a dividend less troublesome.

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makes sense to do so. The GP (General Partner) for this partnership is the Management Company (a C Corp discussed below). For the management of the Air Max 95 Supreme Safari investment, the LP contracts with the GP for a market based management fee. All assets are owned at the LP level, allowing income to flow tax to the entities who own an LP interest and are taxed only once at the owner level. Any risk (beyond loss of investment) is soley born by the GP (the C Corp) and not LP owners.

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C Corp Management Company Stock owned by individual [self/family/ira]. Revenue generated primarily by fee income from management agreements with LPs. Generally, this would be service based and would eat most of the business costs you generate. This company would receive the compensation for any work that may be done unrelated to the LPs or W2 earnings. It will have at least one employee and would seek to manage its affairs try to have taxable income of approximately $50K/yr to fill the lowest tax bracket for a C Corp at 15%. Additional funds would be payrolled out, likely into deferred comp arrangements like a profit Air Max White Outfit

C Corp acting as GP of an Limited Partnership

Consider the possibility of a management corporation that is owned by the LP.

Also, a personally owned corporation interacting with a corporation owned by an IRA is a prohibited transaction.

I am very familiar with this structure. You will have to be careful as the individuals who did the work and who are involved in the decision making are usually the ones involved in lawsuits. So this may not entirely be true. If any of the Air Max All White

Air Max 95 Supreme Safari

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