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Dispute over fare

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A judge has granted bail to a Montreal taxi driver facing several charges after a confrontation and alleged hit and run in the Plateau on the weekend caught on cellphone video and seen by thousands of people on YouTube and in the media.

I don't know why Montrealer's are still surprised that our cops are currupt.

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The accused is of Haitian origin. His passengers were white.

cabbie gets out on bail

running meter, and a conversation in the cab about race and rituals such as voodoo and female circumcision.

He testified that after the apparent dispute, Edmond got out of the cab with a snow brush as well as a bottle that he threw at the young man who had hit the taxi driver and then hit the car after getting out.

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Photos: Video screenshot, Shuyee Lee

"He didn't pay the cab. He hit the driver, he hit the car. There's a price for everything," Bastien told CJAD News.

A Montreal police sergeant detective testified during the bail hearing that the incident appears to have stemmed from a dispute over a $4 difference in cab fare, a traffic jam and a Air Max Sneakers For Girls

"The entire population of Quebec saw it," Boyer said, sounding incredulous. "It's a bit bizarre that the accused hasn't been able to see it. Long lines of cabs parked outside the courthouse on St. Antoine St. which was blocked off to traffic. Several cabbies also packed the hallways trying to get into the courtroom this morning before they switched to another smaller room that had video hookup capabilities so people could watch the proceedings in an overflow room.

being swarmed by a group of young men kicking, hitting and jumping on the cab before it rolled over the alleged victim, landing him in hospital with fractured ribs, punctured spleen and bladder and bruises on his lungs and abdomen.

He should have also driven a block or two and waited for the cops, but of course we all know Montreal cops are racist so they threw the book at him.

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Taxi drivers react to hit and run

Guercy Edmond, 47, got out on a $3000 bond. One of his bail conditions includes not being able to operate his taxi on St. Laurent between Sherbrooke and St.

The judge said he himself saw it on tv and that it didn't make sense neither the accused nor the lawyer haven't got their hands on the evidence to see it for themselves.

VIDEO: New graphic video surfaces of taxi hit and run

Cabbie Stanley Bastien organized the rally. He says the alleged victim is a victim of his own actions.

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"For sure, (Guercy Edmond) is the victim."

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did wrong was he didn't reverse.

My message to Montreal."Wake Up!!!!!" the government and cops are getting out of control, very soon we will have the same problems as France, Spain and Italy.

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The kid got what he deserved, the youth today is out of control. No matter how intoxicated I was when I Nike Air Max 3 was younger I would never behave this way. The only thing the taxi driver Air Max Hyperfuse White

The detective testified the alleged victim and two other passengers were very drunk that night when they got into Edmond's cab on St. Laurent near Milton at about 3:45am Sunday.

Cabbies demand safer working conditions

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The infamous video shows a cab Air Max 95 Ultra Black

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