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Baker, who took a job in Virginia to oversee an HR department at a school system there. Adams said that job commands an average salary of $87,500.

Dillon said about $10 million will come from county special purpose local option sales tax dollars, with an additional $926,640 from the state department of education.

MARIETTA More than two thirds of Cobb school buses are more than 10 years old, and the Board of Education will consider spending about $11 million to put new ones on the roads.

The employment director job came available at the last school board meeting when it accepted the resignation of Tim Air Max 95 Tape

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The school board will also consider whether to pay for more students to take the preliminary SAT, an assessment geared toward getting high schoolers ready to take the SAT.

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It is set to name a new principal to Baker Elementary School after its last principal, Shea Campbell, was reassigned to Kemp Elementary School. The median salary is $85,000, according to John Adams, the district's human resources chief.

The Georgia Board of Education pays for every 10th grade student to take the PSAT. Cobb board member David Banks is championing spending $300,000 out the district's rainy day reserve fund to extend the tests to eighth and ninth graders.

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Busy buses BoE considers spending

The school board will vote on personnel matters as well.

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Two central office positions are Nike Air Max 360 Light Up also on the agenda: the executive director of employment and the technology program management director.

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He said the district hopes to have all the buses in service by early spring, with the special education buses on the road Air Max 95 Womens Pink

by the end of December, and a staggered delivery of the regular buses starting in January.

"Some schools may not forward test Air Max Usa Camo

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Dillon said the district will evaluate the condition of the older buses to determine which ones to retire. Until then, the new buses will give the system a total of 1,240 in its fleet. And while some buses may not be used on daily bus routes, having more buses in reserve will be useful, Dillon said.

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"This purchase will allow us to bring our spare and activity bus counts up to cover routes when a bus must go in the shop for repairs," Dillon said.

Banks thinks giving students the PSAT for three years could raise SAT scores in the district by as much as 5 percent.

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all their students." Banks said. "So that means (when students) get into the high schools, they may not be as proficient or experienced at taking the test as say, an east Cobb school" where parents or the schools can afford to give the test to students more often, Banks said.

Buses will be assigned by driver seniority, Dillon said, with considerations given to students on the special needs buses to accommodate their individual needs.

"There's two primary numbers that are important to a student's life," Banks said, "GPA and SAT. If they're going to go to college, they're going to have to have a good GPA and a good SAT."

Although the school district has a policy on its books that would cycle out buses after a decade of use, 707 buses, which is 63 percent of its 1,115 fleet, have been on the roads for 10 years or more. Of that 707, 180 buses have been in operation for 16 years or longer.

If the agenda item is approved this morning, $10.9 million will be used to purchase 100 72 passenger buses for regular education students and 25 48 passenger buses designed for special education students, according to district spokesman Jay Dillon.

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