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If you leave zucchinis long enough, they will actually develop a hard outer shell and the seeds will fully develop. Then you can bake or fry them, or plant zucchini for next year.

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If I found one of those in my still imaginary garden, I peel it, seed it, cube it, and saute it for about 20 minutes with olive oil, black pepper, onion and garlic. Then I taste just for texture and tenderness, and if it was nearly tender I add white wine and lemon juice and cook it for a few more minutes (about five) with spinach or deveined swiss chard tossed in.

The huge seeds in the soup are actually fun to eat as well.

I attempting to use all of my green zucchini in a healthy way. Cupcakes will be frozen and eaten for Air Max Running Shoes Pink

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I cook and eat those large zucchini like this.

Have any neighbors with livestock? Horses, goats, or cattle should munch away on it happily. It would probably also be a treat, Air Max Outfit if cut up for hamsters, rats, and the like. Even the birds may pick at it, especially if you cut it open so they can get the seeds.

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Healthy recipe for low calorie zucchini cupcakes

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As Air Max Design

snacks and desserts. I noticed the other day that I have multiple flowers on both my summer squash zucchini plants with little vegetables growing. Last night I looked at them.

I didn have any trouble with them overflowing or spattering. I use an old "Fry Daddy" fryer and although I got a couple of mesh spatter guards, I never needed to use them on the zucchini.

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You could grate or puree it for zucchini bread or cake, if there are any bake sales coming up.

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Can you guess the weight of this monster zucchini

I serve it hot as a gumbo or soup and the chunky zucchini works really well.

Strain the squash well then mix in the fried peppers, onions and tomatoes along with garlic powder and some spaghetti sauce or crushed tomatoes.

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for what to do with it: Try to slice it as thin as you can, and grill it. Invite the whole neighberhood for a zuccini feast!I deep fry zucchini regularly, and haven had too much trouble with it. I do pat them dry with a paper towel, and then dust them with plain whole wheat flour and salt prior to rolling them in the batter otherwise the batter won adhere. I actually like a beer batter on mine, but beer batter doesn stick all the way around them and leaves a few uncovered blotches, so I didn recommend it here (although it my favorite Nike Air Max 95 Replica

First I fry up some green bell peppers with cherry hot peppers and onion. Then I add tomatoes and basil. Then while that is frying I cutt up the squash and boil it leaving the skin on. Only boil it about 15 minutes.

You might still be able to use an overgrown zucchini for deep frying. I consider slicing the peeled flesh into french fry size strips and using a good breadcrumb batter, then frying for about four minutes. With a good jalapeno ranch dressing, you might have a huge basket of good zuke fries!I am trying to estimate its measures: the way it looks in your kid hand, I would guess it is 50 cm long, and about 15 cm thick. It is very close to being a cylinder, so its volume is around 8800 cubic centimeters. As a zuccini is about 95% water, it is safe to assume that its density is more or less precisely 1g/cubic centimeter, so it would weigh nearly 9 kilograms! (about 18 pounds). Though, seems to be too much weigth for a small child to hold. But that is my estimation, anyway.

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batter at home, despite the naked spots!)

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