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The Toronto Star said it has an iPad application in the works and plans to release it "quite soon."

TORONTO Gadget lovers who picked up an iPad when the device was released in Canada on Friday are likely in the process of browsing the App Store and experimenting with the bells and whistles of their new high tech toy.

Customers clamoured to pick up iPads on Friday morning as the device which ranges in price from $549 to $879 landed in stores about eight weeks after it came out in the United States.

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Industry watchers say they're disappointed but not surprised, especially considering the cutbacks that have slimmed down newsrooms.

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Canadian media still working on iPad apps but hope to launch soon

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to buy one of the hot tablet computers during a cross border shopping trip weeks earlier but they were sold out everywhere. Buying online would mean having to wait another week to get his coveted iPad, so he decided he'd forgo one night's sleep to guarantee getting one.

ABC has an app that offers streaming video of new TV shows but there's no equivalent in Canada.

The CBC does not have a dedicated iPad app but has optimized its website for users on the tablet. Unlike many websites that rely on the Flash plug in to play video which Apple refuses to use on its devices CBC has found a work around.

But those looking for innovative ways to experience the news will likely be disappointed, at least in terms of Canadian options.

But he too agrees that there's no sense in rushing out an app that doesn't work right or impress, otherwise users will be turned off and will look elsewhere for a better product.

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"But if you're a media company you have to decide is it worth it just to be first, or would you rather take a little bit of time and try to be the best."

"I think there would definitely be bragging rights (in being first) and there would definitely be a sort of marketing advantage," said Ingram.

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In Toronto, 18 year old Delaan Ruban was one of the first people in the city to get one after camping out at the Apple store in the downtown Eaton Centre.

"It's so easy for an app not to feel right if you don't do it well," he warns.

But like Ingram, he thinks the apps should be designed in a way that complements the device, and doesn't just involve copying and pasting of content.

Calls to Canwest, the publisher of newspapers including the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen, and Quebecor, which prints the Sun family of papers, were not immediately returned.

The paper also plans to release another app "in the next month or so" that's designed specifically Air Yeezy Red to take advantage of the iPad's interface, said Angus Frame, vice president of digital. It will be free at launch but the price will eventually be reassessed, Frame said, adding it will improve the reading experience, highlight the paper's photojournalism and play video.

"Having a good experience is qualitatively better than simply transmitting information," he said.

Paul Knox, chair of Ryerson's School of Journalism, said it's unfortunate that Canadian newspapers aren't ready with iPad apps because "like it or not, this is a place where they're going to have to be."

"I've been excited for a long time about this so I figured I either order it online and wait . or just line up and get my hands on one," he said.

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While it's unknown whether Canadians would be willing to pay for news on a device like the iPad and it remains to be seen just how big the market of tablet buyers will be there are Air Max Ken Griffey

Ruban had tried Air Max Safari Black

Toronto resident Tom Linderoos, 59, subscribes to two newspapers but has recently questioned why he's paying for the print product, since so much of the content is freely available online. He loves the form factor of the iPad and is willing to pay for Canadian content on it when it becomes available.

"(A good design) offers the possibility that people will actually pay for .

"With the larger format that the iPad has, I see it as a potentially real alternative to the paper version we've been reading," he said.

"I have the New York Times app . and Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Grey

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"News organizations have to be where people who want news are, and if that's in the iPad realm, then they should be there."

some devoted newshounds who are ready to hand over their credit card numbers.

as more Canadian papers start to create apps I'm certainly going to use those. I go to the App Store pretty much every day to see what's there, what's available."

While some newspapers and magazines have already launched apps that take advantage of the tablet's touch screen interface to present the news in a new way, the Canadian media hasn't really done so just yet.

The Globe does have an iPad app available called Globe2Go, which is an exact digital replica of the print product. It's available to subscribers for $9.99 a month or $19.99 without a subscription.

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