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Much of this will be determined by your knowledge financial resources. If you have no money and no credit, your best bet would be to start wholesale of single family homes, or be Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Trainers

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

2. If you determine that your interest does lie in real estate, what kind of real estate? Do you want to wholesale, rehab, do short sales? Are you interested in commercial or residential?

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

Im a hard working young man 22 years of Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet age , from Long Island NY.

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Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

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Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

I offend some people when I ask that, but it is very important. Real estate is a passion for me. Had it not been a REAL PASSION, I would not have survived the first year.

a birddog.

4. Decide which geographic area you want to work. The best bet would probably be to start in the area you know best.

You speak of your family not supporting you. Get used to that. The mind of an entrepreneur, much less a real estate investor in these times, is not understood by most people. What is most important is what you think of you.

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

The first thing I would suggest is to make an evaluation of your skills. You speak of ambition to succeed.

I am always willing to work with people who are new, as long as they take suggestions and then take action. Please Air Max 95 All Red

I came from a long way of trial and tribulations and just looking for a positive role model in the real estate business area. If any mentors are looking for an apprentice im your guy! My stride for success and ambition to succeed is like no other, i have no help from friends or family because no one believes in me, which only makes me work harder if there is anyone out there looking for a apprentice in the long island area look no further! im a honest, hard working, and a reliable young man! time is on my side im devoting every ounce of energy i have! to be successful in the real estate bussiness.

5. Once you decide what and where, gather together a few bucks, and get some business cards made. You can get some good deals online, or even at your nearest Staples.

don contact me if you are going to tell me why all of this will not Air Max 95 Black And Grey

1. Do you really have an interest in real estate, or did you hear that it a great way to make a lot of money?

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet


3. Once you decide what it is that you want to do, get as much information on that as possible. There is a lot of free information out there. Be careful spending a lot of money on "guru" courses. Many of them contain a lot of hype and not much else. That does not hold true for all, but most.

Your answers to some of the following questions will go a long way in helping you get started.

I know from my own experience that it does work.

Once you have gone through all of this, you will find yourself in a much better place. If I can be of help, please don hesitate to contact me.

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

Air Max 98 Supreme Red On Feet

6. When you have those cards in hand, find a local real estate investment group. Dress as you would for a job interview, then go to the next meeting. Introduce yourself and talk to some people. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. Did I mention to ask questions?

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