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Roca was being held at the Greenville County Detention Center on $50,000 bond. Investigators said other charges could be pending.

Peterson said investigators are trying to stop those who are responsible for the illegal procedures.

Peterson said, "During our investigation, we saw a lot of other pictures of people who came in to have procedures and our biggest concern is that somebody else out there was injured or has become ill due to the procedures they received at Coconuk. And we really need them to come forward and contact the Mauldin Police Department and let us know that they are a victim."

"She didn't do what is being said at all," said Franco.

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Air Max Shoes Pictures

On Wednesday, investigators said that they were interviewing a second woman who told them she had a procedure performed at Coconuk. Anyone else who has been treated at Coconuk is asked to call Mauldin police at 864 297 5200.

Sgt. Jason Peterson said, "After the procedure she became ill and had to go to the hospital and she went Air Max Shoes Brown

Buttock Implants Leave Woman In Coma

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Dr. Thomas McFadden, who runs Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Greenville, said buttocks implant Air Max Shoes Pictures procedures can have a higher rate of complications than other forms of plastic surgery.

Owner: 'No Place For A Clinic'

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Peterson said, "She did not perform the procedures, she was a facilitator. She contacted a doctor and arranged the procedures and ensured that the doctor made it in the country to perform the procedures and got him back on his flight out of the country."

Roca's 18 year old son, Jeffrey Franco, said the family is working on getting his mother out of jail on bond.

"We just need for them to come forward and stand up and let us prosecute Ms. Roca to the fullest extent for everything and let her be held accountable for her actions," he said.

Mauldin police arrested 35 year old Michelle Roca on a charge of practicing medicine without a license.

Investigators said a woman came to South Carolina from New Jersey to get implants in her buttocks at the Coconuk Boutique on Main Street in Mauldin. Police said that Roca flew doctors in from out of the country and got them to perform procedures at her boutique.

He said some victims may be illegal immigrants, but officers don't care about a victim's status they just want them to come forward.

Peterson said, "If they're not licensed to practice procedures or perform them, then they don't know the safety precautions or what the health risk may be to the person receiving the procedures."

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The investigation was still going on, and charges against the doctor were possible. Police won?t say where the doctor came from.

Peterson said, "It blew our minds that this was happening in our city."

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into a coma and it was borderline whether she was going to survive."

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Air Max Shoes Pictures

"That's impossible," Villegas told News 4's Mandy Gaither. "Because that store is no place for a clinic."

Nelson Villegas, who described himself as Roca's boyfriend and owner of the store, told News 4 by phone that the procedures didn't happen.

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