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DARPA's usual approach is to find some research group with a record of being brilliant and getting good results, and give them enough money and an ambitious but probably possible goal. They're a surprisingly efficient government agency.

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system dynamically monitors many different frequencies (which have different propagation characteristics) to determine the Air Max Midnight Navy

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I thought the challenge was "can you waste billions of dollars over decades and keep 30 year old radios in the field, stalling all progress", handily won by JTRS.(This is somewhat sour grapes, but JTRS really was one of the worst run programs in the history of the military. It got lapped by commercial SDR 2 3 times, and then, because it was the "program of record" for radios, went out of its way to block deployment of other radio systems in Iraq/Afghanistan. The USMC eventually was able to deploy their own hacked up wifi + satellite system in spite of this, and the Army, etc. switched to a bunch of commercial radios. It was the first time the phrase "a camel is a horse designed by committee" really sunk in.

Something similar and very interesting that's used by ham radio operators every day: Automatic Link Exchange[1]. The Air Max 95 Triple Black

This strikes me as a much better idea than the standard process of awarding a cost plus contract to a military contractor and then watching as costs blow out.

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As I understand it most university projects don't get much cash from the university itself. In general STEM research is funded by grant money/sponsorship from industry that academics raise themselves. Often it's the academic/research group that then pays the university!Admittedly the two leading teams did have a bunch of undergraduate students working on them, which offsets their labor costs and the univesity usually supplies some resources.

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best way for two parties to communicate, and automatically makes the connection. Nike Air Max 2012 Livestrong This is different from what DARPA needs, but still somewhat similar and definitely interesting. It's also one of the newer things in ham radio that a lot of hams don't know about.1. I guess this is going to be more interesting when we know what the rules actually are. Remember if you want to compete with others digital transmissions then this is great BUT with analogue it may very well be a case that somebody talking would still be understandable with the level of interfearance. A look at signal type and how it would be analoguely(sic) interpreted is one aspect that may effect how you encode your data as you may end up disrupting the receaving speaker enough to impeede the other signals sound transmision. That would be to send a silly large pulse on the frequency so strong that it blows all the transmitters. Now you would need to inform your chaps ahead so they could switch of and fold there areils in half type of thing ahead of your radio nuke or more a radio DOS attack. Then they could setup ready afterwards and you would of blown all other recievers and with that the only people who can listern are those you want to listern. Not elegant, but certainly a partial solution that would be cheap to implement as it is that crude, hence not what I call a pure hacker solution. I also suspect the amount of power to do this would exceed the prize money being offered, so you would be pushed and indeed insane to build and test such an approach.

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A proper feint requires proper resources.

the spectrum

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I'd reserve judgment until something actually comes out of it. More generally, "prize funding" isn't a practical mechanism for building real defense projects. A lot of the work on DARPA grand challenge was done by universities, which as a group are heavily funded by the federal government.

I think I actually know people who died due to cincgars vs other radio incompatibility. :(

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