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Site manager Alex Morley, who has worked at Bestwood for three years, said getting rid of the rangers would put extra pressure on services such as the police.

"It's a sad day for the Notts countryside and the people who love it."

Another of the Tories saving money scemes which will end up being a false economy, they're not seeing the bigger picture,

"These savage cuts pose a risk to the environment, education and to voluntary efforts. People have told me they will feel less safe in the park without the rangers."

Air Max 95 Black And Green

"We are already talking to a number of partners about how we can share resources to deliver services and will also be hoping to attract more volunteers."

This will be a disaster not only for the Bestwood lodge commercially Black Nike Air Max Womens 2013

Air Max 95 Black And Green

Consigning skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated staff to the ranks of the unemployed to reduce the wage bill obviously appeals to the County Council, but if they removed their blinkers for a while they would also see that removing burnt out vehicles and repairs to fences, gates, paths and trees and historic listed buildings also has a high cost.

If we must have cuts, then they need to be well considered and effective ones. Just taking a big axe, cutting to the bone and damn the consequences will be a disaster for all park Nike Air Max 95 Flax

Air Max 95 Black And Green

"I have grave concerns for the quality of the service the county council can offer with the new proposed staffing procedures," he said.

"At the moment we also have a couple of thriving volunteer groups and my fear is they will wither away if they do not have the expert guidance of the rangers.

"We also feel if we had to call people at Rufford, it would be much less responsive and much less expert because the wardens they want to replace the rangers with won't have that same level of knowledge.

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users and the flora and fauna that lives there.

but for the Wider community who use the park with respect, it will now go in to decline much like the surroundring area like the white heart thats been left derelict for years now.

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I visit Bestwood Country Park almost every day. I have the Rangers number Air Max Vote Back

"Through the county council's enabling process we will work to reduce redundancies to a minimum and consider new ways of working to ensure the country parks are protected and remain premier visitor destinations in the county.

Campaigners point out risks of axing rangers in Bestwood Country Park in Nottingham

Air Max 95 Black And Green

in my mobile phone, and over the past few years I have reported incidents such as injured wildlife, abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, lost property, grass fires, people riding motorcycles and people carrying air rifles. Because the Rangers are on site and have an intimate knowledge of the park, Air Max 95 Black And Green they have always been able to respond rapidly to any problem. I assume that in future I will have to phone Rufford Park who will then relay my message to the nearest Ranger/Warden who will then have to travel from goodness knows where to wherever the incident happens to be! This may be a cheap option, but it will be a woefully ineffective one.

Mr Williams accepted cuts were necessary but said a reduced team would save money and prevent the park deteriorating.

Patrick Candler, director for cultural services, said: "The revised budgets and staff structures provide us with a challenge of managing our country parks and enhancing the visitor experience with reduced resources.

"There needs to be a professional team managing Bestwood Country Park. It's the only way the public can come to places like these and understand what they have to offer.

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