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He can handle guitar, piano and vocals. He can handle alt Air Max White Leather

The incident, which Air Max Ice Pack

rock, bluegrass and blues. He can handle making great records for his own band (the White Stripes), for other artists (Loretta Lynn) and for film soundtracks ("Cold Mountain").

if handled better wouldn't even be worth mentioning, occurred when a big yellow Live 105 balloon bounced harmlessly out of the crowd onto the stage during a rendition of "My Doorbell."

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

The single most impressive thing about the White Stripes is how much noise two people can make onstage together. Most of that noise comes from Jack White's guitar, given Air Max Shoes Red And Black that Meg White produces mostly steady, unfussy beats from her small kit.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

What's really incredible is that a similar incident occurred during the band's show on Friday at the same venue: A balloon, this time bearing the logo of a different radio station, bounced onstage, and Jack White reportedly went ballistic.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

Jack White was clearly still stewing about the injustice oh, the horror! as he came back to the stage to finish "My Doorbell." He proceeded to deliver lukewarm versions of "The Big Three Killed My Baby" and "Ball and Biscuit," which is traditionally one of the duo's best live numbers.

Yes, we did and it was overwhelmingly favorable at this point.

The touchy performer seemed to settle down a bit in the encore and did a fine job on "I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)" and the Burt Bacharach penned "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself," but he dropped the ball with a mediocre "Seven Nation Army."

It was a true shame, because Saturday's show started out magnificently as the duo opened with a kick in the teeth version of the ferocious single "Blue Orchid," from this year's excellent "Get Behind Me Satan."

JACK WHITE needs to chill out.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

He stopped "Doorbell," went on a profanity laced tirade, and then stormed off the stage. When he returned, he added, like a pouting child who hadn't got his way, "That last break was brought to you by Live 105."

About that time, another intruder hit the stage but it wasn't a balloon, it was a fan who somehow made his way over to Jack White and put an arm around the guitarist before jumping back into the crowd. All sarcasm aside, that's surely a scary incident for a performer. But, again, Jack White overreacted and, in doing so, encouraged this type of behavior.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

That much was clear during the White Stripes' show on Saturday night at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Air Max Navy Blue Suede

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

White first directed the crowd to all look at the trespasser and then berated him from the stage. This gave this sad guy looking for attention everything he wanted and more. It also ruined the encore.

Sure, the fan was to blame. But so was Jack White, who could've should've handled the situation better. He's the professional. But he didn't act like one on this night.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

Besides being a slap in the face to the station, which has supported the White Stripes since Day One, the grand overreaction had a more detrimental effect in that Jack and his "sister" Meg White never really recovered from the incident. The second half of the show wasn't nearly as powerful as the first and it wasn't hard to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong.

Jack White, one of the few recent rock guitarists to develop a wholly original and entirely distinctive sound, was an absolutely masterful axe man in concert.

but Jack's a brat

Two shows. Two balloons. Boy, they simply don't pay Jack enough money to put up with this type of grief.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

Then came the balloon incident.

"You got a reaction," White sang in something approaching a falsetto snarl. "You got a reaction, didn't you?"

Most sane artists wouldn't bat an eye and would simply let the roadie deal with the slight annoyance. But White acted as if the balloon was part of some dastardly plot targeted at derailing his show. No such plot was necessary, however, given that White would go on to nearly wreck the show all by himself.

Air Max Shoes Red And Black

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