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"It's going great," her mother said. "We told her the other day, 'You're almost in the black, which is incredible for less than three months.' "

There's more than one way to make a cake pop. And the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker while not the original way is certainly the fastest. Heat it up, pour cake batter in the 12 round holes, then close the lid.

Still, the machine has proved popular.

The product was one of the hottest things at the recent International Home Housewares Show in Chicago, drawing oohs and ahhs from the large crowds. Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss, local food professionals and home economists known as "The Electrified Cooks" (who also develop recipes for The Star's Eating for Life column), wrote the instruction book and demonstrated the appliance at the March show.

In Prairie Village, 15 year old Sarah Fox, a freshman at Shawnee Mission East High School, has started her own cake pop company called Great Expecaketions. A local business has started to sell them.

"Because you can, for the first time, bake balls of cake batter so easily and in just four minutes," she said. "People were thrilled that you could do them so easily, and make them with pure cake rather than with the cake and frosting combination. And these are small bites. There's so much less guilt. It doesn't ruin the caloric input for the day."

In Lenexa, a company called Select Brands has rolled out the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, an appliance that resembles a waffle iron with deep round wells that bakes a different kind of round cake ball.

Poof! Perfectly round cake balls, ready in minutes. Put on a stick, then chill, dip and decorate.

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Cake pops explode in popularity

The classic cake pop is a super sweet and mushy mouthful. In its original form it is made of finely crumbled cake and frosting creamed together, chilled, then dipped in colorful candy melt and decorated. In the last few years they've become an international sensation, and many cities are going cake pop crazy.

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker (an appliance that resembles a waffle iron with deep round wells that bakes a different kind of round cake ball)

One limitation. Since the cake is not mixed with frosting, it is not moldable. It's round, or nothing.

"A lot of the kids thought it was a chocolate lollipop," Sylvia Fox said. "And by Valentine's Day you've had so much chocolate that it doesn't seem that special. But then I said to them, 'Hey, there's cake on that stick!' They were all like, 'Oh, I love cake!' But it was also interesting to see the mothers. (Some) had never seen (cake pops) before. They thought it was great that Sarah had made them."

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"They're not really hard to make; they just take quite Air Max 95 Slate a while," she said. "I have to plan out a day where I can make them and just flip them out. It doesn't feel like work to me because I like baking."

In Overland Park, the Culinary Center of Kansas City now offers classes on how to make cake pops.

"She's got a dad in sales and a mom with a marketing background," Sarah's mother, Sylvia Fox, said. "We heard about cake pops from a friend in St. Louis who had mentioned them on her Facebook page. That was in early Nike Air Max Mens 95

In her New York Times best seller, Bakerella shows readers how to craft cake pops that look like robots, koalas, puppies and ghosts.

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Today we examine the cake on a stick trend in more delicious detail.

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Since 2006, Marsha Pener Johnston has made them for Paris Hilton, Carson Kressley and the band Kiss and has shipped them to Sweden, Russia, China and more. In the last two years, she has sold at least a half million.

Great Expecaketions is no sidewalk lemonade stand. Sarah's pops are even for sale at a local business Social Suppers in Corinth Square for $1.60 per pop.

Moore said.

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Sarah Fox, 15, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Sarah, who had been looking for a way to make money, launched her company shortly thereafter.

She had a little help from her parents.

January. I told Sarah, because she likes to bake, and she's an artist of sorts."

She makes the pops by hand in her kitchen.

Sarah made more than a hundred cake pops the Sunday before Valentine's Day for her 11 year old brother's school party. They were a hit. But not right away.

"My neighbor has been converted," Wyss said. "She keeps (cake balls) in her Air Max 95 20 Year Anniversary

In Leawood, Marsha Pener Johnston invented a culinary cousin to the cake pop that she calls "Browniepops" that she has sold around the world. And:

So how did a teenager who can't even vote start her own company?

Everyone loved it, Green Air Max Shoes

freezer and pulls them out as she needs them. She's used them as teacher appreciation gifts and taken them to a friend who was in the hospital. At Easter, instead of doing eggs, she decorated cake pops and took them up and down the neighborhood."

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