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If you can do that, and get the money together lined up before you are given the opportunity to see the portfolios (no earnest $$$ required, just verifiable liquidity), you may be invited to play, provided you pay our fee for the opportunity Nike Air Max 95 Preschool Running Shoes

on the Courthouse Steps to a Trustee Sale.

Buy REO's before it is assigned to a Realtor

hurts Truthful people, it helps us Grow.

I live in California and a trustee Sale is when a homeowner quits making payments and goes into Notice of Default for 90 days. Then a Notice of Trustee Sale is posted and the homeowner has 21 days to fix it or it goes

You need to be prepared to come to the table with at least $15M for one deal. You can expect about 15% complete crap properties, 15% HIGH DOLLAR (your gonna be holding them forever properties) and 70% average properties.

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Catch, as always with any unique program. YOU MUST BE PREPARED AND CAPABLE OF BUYING IN BULK

And from what it looks like you should hire a good So Cal Realtor, whom is honest and whom would tell you the truth.

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3) I don know how much they get paid but I do know that in California the manager gets the property approx 6 weeks after Trustee Sale and the faster they get it off their books the better.

hope the truth did not hurt your feeling !!! BC

(typically 4 to 6 points). You can expect to be at, after all fees somewhere around 65% LTV.

1) I am currently working with one in the OC and making contacts with a few in LA. One of the Subjects we speak about is Bulk purchasing for which I have a banker that helps me out.

8) Truth Nike Air Max 95 Carbon Green & Black

4) In Ohio Opening bid is 2/3 of Apprasial Value in California there is no appraisal proccess or Sherriff (See Laws above). Opening Bid is the Loan amount Plus Fees. I do not chase properties unless they have a minimum of $125,000 in equity. So in Fact my LTV can be as low as 40% on up. Ex: Property worth 550,000 Note worth 350,000 Fees 20,000 I purchase the property for 370,000.

If you wont to make some $$ in the riverside area write me back !!!

6) Units are the Fastest road to retirement

The laws in your state and in mine are completely different that why I believe we have two different views on the foreclosure process. You can read the difference here:Well as far as it can not be done, mabey not in Ohio but

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In the second case, the delinquent tax sales, you are buying the "ownership rights" to the property deed in the amount of delinquent county real estate taxes owed on the property. You don own the property, if the property owner cures the delinquency within the 1 year period, case is closed. You get back the money you paid plus stated interest (10% in your case). If the delinquency is not cured within the 1yr time the property is not automatically yours, you still have to do "due dilligence" before the property can be yours. Most properties in tax default are reclaimed. Not many people would lose $300,000 property over say, $10,000 tax.

As far as you working directly with an asset manager forget about it !! the only way your going to purchase properties like this is in about 5 years or more when the reo market really hits. If and when it ever hits again in SO Cal the banks will bulk sale properties for the big boys to purchase in blocks of 20 100. ( this is nothing we are in now )

7) Prices in riverside are dropping like a Rock it too scary to buy there unless you are getting a 2000 note or earlier or it units you want to keep.

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The truth is my friend ,,, if you are in fact buying multi units from the court steps ,,, you have already lost 25% margin !!

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In Ohio when you go to forclosure the property is auctioned off to satisfy the judgement "on the courthouse steps" by the sheriff. There will be a price posted that is the minimum bid 2/3 of appraised value but that price is not normally relevant to the the process. The lender has to bid at least the judgement amount because they sued in court for the default amount + court cost+ fees or the home. If you are willing to pay one dollar more than the judgement amount the lender will greatfully not bid over you.

Fisrt off let me say I believe I can help you with your first request. i have access to asset managers that can sell before realtors get assigned the asset but after the sheriff sale has taken place (TRUE REO STATUS PROPERTY).

I think Joseph (foreclosure boy) is mixing up the sheriff sale (REO) and the county delinquent tax sale. In the first case, all sales are final and in most cases you deposit up to 25% on the spot and you have 24 or 48 hours to pay the entire balance you bid or lose your deposit. In a few cases, you are required to pay right there. If the bank bid (usually the gross amount owed Air Max Hyperfuse Yellow them) is higher than everyone else. the bank gets it back. Technically, that when it becomes truly real estate owned (REO).

The Asset Managers only get paid after the close of escrow, They get appox 30% for about 24 months of work. If you think they are going to sell you one property and piss of the relationship with the realtor ,, you are wasting your time !! period !! Even if it was 10 Propertie all cash !!

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Email me and ill tell you how to do this.

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A Sheriff Sale in California is where property is put up for auction. If you Successfully win with at least 1 dollar over the Note value you get the Grant deed in 30 days. If you win with at least 1 dollar below note value you will have to wait 1 year to get the Deed and then Maybe???

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