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Womens Air Max 95 White

"I like working in the garden," he said. "I like planting lettuce andonions."

On Monday, she helped the students plant organic snapdragons, bell peppers andcabbage.

Womens Air Max 95 White

"Do you like this snapdragon?" asked seventh grader Josiah McDurfee. "I dug in the dirt Discount Nike Air Max

"It Air Max 95 3m

Womens Air Max 95 White

Polen, who has been gardening for about 50 years, has also started gardens at Las Colinas Middle School and Tierra Linda ElementarySchool.

Camarillo school garden growing more popular as teaching tool

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Nearby, Daniel Bass, also in seventh grade, was easing a leafy stalk into theground.

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a huge difference," she said. "After the students have had the opportunity to get up and go outside, then they can come back in and focus on a pencil and papertask."

Womens Air Max 95 White

Womens Air Max 95 White

The students, some of whom don't speak, learn best using a hands on, visual approach, Postal said. She teaches in a "visually structured classroom," pairing pictures with words to help studentslearn.

Womens Air Max 95 White

Volunteer Dianne Polen, who works in the cafeteria as an assistant kitchen service aide, built the six raised garden beds last school year with donations from severalbusinesses.

"Not all students learn best from a book or a lecture," teacher Mary Postal said. "This way, the students can actually see the concepts and makeconnections."

and planted it. It needs to grownow."

Womens Air Max 95 White

"This gives them Womens Air Max 95 White a different way of learning that they wouldn't have otherwise, and, when you work with them, you see how much they enjoy it," said Polen, who has taken on the role of campus beautification coordinator. "That's why Idothis."

The special needs class of 12 has spent part of every school day this academic year tending to its garden boxes on the blacktop at the Camarillo campus. While they work the soil, the sixth , seventh and eighth graders learn about photosynthesis by watching lettuce leaves sprout and master addition by watching pumpkinsgrow.

Womens Air Max 95 White

Gardening also has helped the students improve in unrelated learning activities, Postalsaid.

Womens Air Max 95 White

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