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I would go to your local media for assistance. If this is their regular practice, it might make an excellent story for the local press, and that may possibly shame them into changing their ways, or at least draw some attention to the problem. I agree that to charge someone who is poor and ill an upfront fee and then raise it significantly for the act of writing a prescription is immoral. Did you simply say "no" and walk away?

Since you had your physical exam (at an urgent care which is more costly) and he did not charge you for an extra visit until after you asked for the prescription, this would not be something that he should be doing.

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Where in ohio can someone get help to pay a doctor visit? Financial help for doctors visit? not for prescription just for the doctors visit? the doctor.

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Technically, even though it was just one visit, the doctor performed two different services for you one, the physical (or what is considered a or routine visit) and the other an exam for an illness, which required a diagnosis and treatment visit. If he had given you the prescription, he would, in essence, have been you and would therefore be entitled to charge for a diagnosis and treatment visit. So what I believe he attempted to do was charge you for the physical and then for the exam and treatment of your Nike Air Max 110

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Prescription drug abuse A doctor asked my husband for a favor by asking if he could write him a painkiller (oxycontin).

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Can any doctor write me a prescription? Can any doctor write me a prescription? i have alot of symptoms from having chiari malformation.

I ask the question now how do i get an answer? i need my medicine and my doctor will not.

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Can a doctor charge for a Air Max Maroon visit AND to write a prescription

If you give us the name of the facility, we may be able to see what help is available for you to get your prescription to take to the pharmacy and get you well again.

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have a strong feeling there isnFirst let me say, I think this is insane and unfair. Second, I want to explain what I think happened, since we had a similar situation happen to my husband, and here how it was explained to us by the doctor office and our insurance company.

Routine annual physical and office visit charge on the same visit I went to a new doctor for a routine physical only. this doctor charged me $214.00 for a new.

No, a doctor is not able to charge you for writing a prescription, although a physician is allowed to charge you for the visit to diagnose the condition. I

Can a doctor charge for a visit AND to write a prescription? I went to an urgent care facility because I needed a physical and I had pink eye infection that was spreading to my face. I don have insurance so they charged me an upfront fee for the visit which I paid. The doctor did the physical and confirmed the pink eye and told me I would need a prescription. When I asked for it before leaving, he told me I would have to pay an additional $130.00 just for him to write the prescription, not to fill it. I had to leave without it. Is it ethical for a doctor to do this?

What do i do if my new ins. doctor will not write my prescription for the amount i need,example;my last bottle reads qty.180,. Air Max Ultra Moire Red And White

The doctor can do this only if the apply the policy equally to everyone without insurance. Next time you visit any doctor get all fees involved and in writing. The same you would do when you visit a mechanic center. You could also call the health department where you live to determine if there is a law against it. I Air Max 95 Blue Black

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illness. Yes, it crazy, I know, but our insurance company told me that doctors do it all the time. We have insurance so what our doctor did was charge us for two co pays. I can imagine how you feel because I was mad about having to pay two co pays when my hubby went in for his annual routine physical and then asked to have a prescription for his diabetes and was charged the same as if he had had two separate visits. The doctor charged for a physical and a diabetic check even though it was only one visit! Go figure.

I would contact the office manager for the facility and tell him/her that the physician specifically stated (if this is what he specifically stated) that it would cost you $130.00 to receive a written prescription.

That may be borderline legal but it is strongly unethical.

If you don get anywhere with the office manager (refund), you should contact the state licensing board for physicians (particular to your state) and file a complaint. Indicate to the office manager that you will be doing this, and the problem may be suddenly fixed. If you do file a complaint, send copies of your paperwork related to the eye infection along with your complaint.

If I were you, I go to your local Public Health Department or a free clinic in your area to get a prescription for your pink eye. Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you!

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Share Abuse I never heard of a case like yours but if the doctor does decide to do it when you don have insurance it is their choice. I think he is taking advantage of you because you don have health insurance. That another reason to get insurance because you will be overcharged in many cases.

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