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Is the property worth investing in or should i stay away from it?

a wise man once said invest in what you know. Respectfully, Sounds like you don know. You can rely on rent O meter to determine what fair market rent is. Also, it not about getting top rent. It all about the NET! Rent the unit at a fair but competitive price and your unit will stay rented longer and turn over quicker. The difference your talking about renting it out Nike Air Max 95 Grey Red for can be lost in single month vacancy most of the time. I prefer to have the rent just a little lower to be competitive as to keep the unit in play longer. So keep it simple, don be greedy, do your homework to determine what you can rent it for quickly while still attracting the right tenant. Good luck

I am looking to buy out of town property. I am familiar with the area and travel their frequently. I looked into the average rental price and I found that it was around 600 month plus utilities at the minimum.

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Nike Air Max 95 Grey Red

the area, find a place for rent somewhere. Call them Air Max St Price

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2. Check the local newspaper and classifieds for similar listings.

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Nike Air Max 95 Grey Red

Can I charge more for rent If my property is close to t

I definitely agree with you on that Chris! Warren is super close to his 84th birthday and the guyplays bridge in his spare time. His investing reflects him! It's nothing crazy, flashy, or the new 'it' thing. It's based on sound fundamentals and principles that have been applied for half a century. It's pretty cut and dry, but it works and now he's worth enough to buy every man, woman, and child a nice sandwich and a bag of chips. It's gold btw!

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up, ask them how long it has been on the market, inquire about the condition, whatever will help you learn about the neighborhood. I suppose you could either call as a prospective tenant, or just be honest with them and say your an investor and had a few questions about how this market rents and would really appreciate just a few minutes of their time. Honesty will probably work better I bet. And hey, maybe they will sell you their rental!

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cannot locate any rentals in the immediate area on craigslist but rent o meter reports that the properties will rent for 850 900 a month.

I haven't read any real estate specific books on marketing rental properties but any marketing book on the concept of pricing and value will give you good ideas.

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4. Go check out local rentals and pose as a potential tenant. This way you can see first hand what the competition looks like.


I am nervous because I haven't rented any properties in this location before but It seems reasonable that I could fetch 850 a month plus utilities except water and I could easily make a tidy profit even renting as low a 550 a month.

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Look at how he waves his wand and casts a spell!! Haha

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At the end of the day, the idea is to offer a better deal overall.

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Here's how I would start figuring it out:

1. Check Craigslist and see what other people are asking for similar properties close by.

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