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on a contract, I done several with a short fuse of 6 months.

I guess, your problem, as newbies, is that you scared to fully disclose your position and you feel that it (because you don care or don know) necessary to decieve to get a deal through than just being up front. If you an old RE operator and doing this, you just unethical as you should know better.

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

Be careful with HUD one of the HUD listing agents in my area got on my behind because I was advertising a house before I closed on it, yet I had already done it twice before with him and he earned a commission so I don know what his problem was.

If the owner is still there, you can delay any payments in lieu of rents. You need to check on insurance, I not had an issue with insurance remaining in the owner name as far out as 6 months, if they remain in possession as they still have an insurable interest. I also never had an insured loss over such a deal.

Can I advertise a house for sale that I just put under

Things are always different, whether from HUD, REO and even from one private seller to another, you just have to learn as you go what works and what doesn work in your state and/or county, city, etc.

I have done many contract for deeds instead of taking an option or just putting a deal under contract so that I could actually advertise (if need be) and sell it. Such should not be a problem with an owner occupied homeowner selling Grey Air Max 95 Junior

It is assumed and implied that the seller has merchantable title to property to sell it, my son may have an "equitable" interest to my property, it doesn give him the right to adverties it for sale as he lacks the power of sale!

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

One the property is under contract, you can advertise all you want. At that point you have an equitable interest.

What the penality in your state for advertising anything you don own for sale? Is that fraud? Could I advertise your car for sale if you agreed to sell it to me next week?

What you folks have is the right to assign a contract for the Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Essential Trainers In Grey

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

So, seems people (gurus types included) are looking for a way to justify how to deceive the public.

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

I guarantee you, that as your tactics are uncovered in your community and with Realtors, HUD, fannie, banks, etc. you be on the quiet black list, HUD can bar you from doing business with them! HUD has a list of names and businesses who are barred from doing business with them. You get some warnings and later on you suffer. Here in Mo. THEY DON CARE! They get thier price! You then tell a potential buyer the property is for sale and that you have an interest in the property and will facilitate the transaction for them to buy and obtain the title. Having the interest in and to the property keeps you in a position to facilitate the transaction and usually without a license as you are selling the right to buy, you are not selling the property at this point. You complicate your position to act legally when you imply you are the owner it title.

how would I go about attracting investors interest to eventually "sell" the property to?

I can tell you how many properties have passed through my hands as a wholesale or straw man or conduit transaction, Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black lots, and never once, ever, did I even feel the need to act like I was in title as most here seem to think is necessary. Both buyer and seller always knew my true position!

Don put the address on the craigslist ad.

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

Nike Air Max 95 Purple Black

purchase of a property, you do hold the contract, you do not hold title. you are attempting to sell a property you have a right to purchase, or 2. you have a contract for the purchase of a property you are willing to assign, you home free. You might say, the advertiser has an equitable interest to sell and will be obligated to perform to provide good title to this property at settlement. Yes, that would probably be harder to market.

Hmmm, Mitch, your disclosure is totally meaningless, ALL sales contracts are subject to the seller providing good title, it in the TREC.

Have you considered a Special Power of Attorney from the seller/owner, with the full power of sale?

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Otherwise; If you are retailing to the public and you must rely on advertising then I suggest you need to change your strategy from taking a sale contract to something that gives you an ownership interest.

Do you see any down side here? What happens if your seller dies? Then what?

How do you show REOs? Take your buyer in during the inspection period. Inspect the property. How long is your inspection period, you could ask that inspections could be performed, but the contract NOT being subject to inspections tothe day before settlement!

Do not put a sign in the yard. If you put signs out pick them up. We put them out Fridays and pick them up Sunday nights.

So, as to ads, it depends on disclosures, permission and what you ad will say. I doubt many think about the small stuff anyway, good guestion !I am wanting to get into wholesaling then eventually short sales and rehabs. If I put a house under contract and intend to assign my contract rights at closing in a "double closing" or "simultaneous closing" can I put listings in the newspaper or signs up show the house for sale?

This is not an issue if you are up front about the deal. The SPOA states a sale price at or above the amount due the seller, the time frame the power is granted, the legal description of the property and the power to adverstise, list and do all other things usual and customary to carry out the duties and it needs to referrence your contract.

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