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"If members of his own party would pressure him, the president would not be standing like he is," Horne said.

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Three retired generals challenged a dozen members of Congress in a new ad campaign Wednesday, saying the politicians can't support President Bush's policies in Iraq and still expect to win re election.

"Telling members of al Qaida, militias or insurgent groups the date we will begin and end troop withdrawals is irresponsible," Sununu said.

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are Republicans.

today is more of the same, a slow grind to nowhere, which totally ignores the reality of Iraq and the Air Max Ld-zero Htm lessons of history. They challenge the president's argument that he listens to his commanders on the ground in Iraq. security.

Bush GOP lawmakers in ad campaign

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"The fact is, the president has never listened to the soldiers on the ground effectively," said retired NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark, who ran for president in 2004. "This administration is not listening to the troops and is not supporting them."

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In a separate event, peace protesters staged a sit in in Sen. John Sununu's Manchester office. Members of New Hampshire Peace Action read statements in opposition to the war, taped signs and pictures to the walls and desks, and read the names of 22 New Hampshire troops who died in Iraq. They also stood around a pile of shoes. Attached to each pair was the name of an Iraqi killed in the 4 year old conflict.

"I am outraged, as are the majority of Americans. I'm a lifelong Republican, but it's past time for change," retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste told reporters in a conference call. "Our strategy in Iraq Air Max Stutter Step 2 Review

Many in the group, including Sununu, have criticized various aspects of administration policy, but all have opposed legislation to establish a timetable for withdrawing American troops.

Other veterans promoted the ad campaign at a news conference in Manchester, the start of a six state publicity tour targeting Sens. John Sununu of New Hampshire, Susan Collins of Maine, Norm Coleman of Minnesota and John Warner of Virginia, plus nine congressmen. All Air Max Original Design

Brandon Friedman, an Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, said the president's policy is all wrong. "I think all troops would like to see the government in Iraq succeed, but I think that many troops don't think that this is the way to go about doing that," said Friedman, 29, a Republican who served in the 101st Airborne Division.

World War II veteran from Madison. "The Iraq war is also a terrible and costly war which has divided our nation. This war is not justifiable."

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"There are probably a handful of senators that have been pretty vocal in their verbal questioning of President Bush, but they don't really back it up with action," said retired Lt. Col. Andrew Horne, a Marine who served in the Gulf War and the current Iraq war. House in Kentucky last year, but lost.

"The congressman has long stated that he is for a political settlement not a surge, and at the end of the day, these ads are more about cheap Democratic political stunts than about solving the actual problem," Julia Wanzco said.

"This war has been a quagmire from the start, tactical mistakes and misjudgments have led to a significant drain on our ground forces. The objectives are unclear and they change from month to endless month," said Jon Hutchinson, an 85 year old Nike Air Max 95 Zebra

English's spokeswoman fired back.

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And Rep. James Walsh said the ads "will have no effect on me." Walsh voted against Bush's troop increase in early 2007 but now wants to give military leaders until September to see if it can work.

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Outside, about 30 protesters waved signs. A pair of police cruisers watched.

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