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Lamar, Are you crazy? Seller has more potential to make you more money? Who cares about flexiblity? I like the sound of $20,000 bucks.

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Seller Lead signed up at 8:00am on Monday

sign up form and according to their numbers, you had the potential to make $20,000. They also mentioned that they weren too flexible on terms.(Of course you would need to contact them to confirm and to also get more information)

Cherry picking is a method used to position you and your business to only work with the most qualified leads first. This actually goes against the come, first serve rule. For example, if you had a real estate website and you had 2 seller leads sign up in the past 48 hours, who would you contact first.

You be suprised at how many people actually answer motivated cherry picking is frowned upon in basketball, the team with the most shots will always win the game. In real estate, it all about getting your deals closed. Bottom line!

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They didn even take time to complete form.

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Wednesday is your day to hammer down and contact leads, so my question for you is: Who would you contact first?

Can Cherry Picking Hurt Your Real Estate Business

I contact B first because to me that seller seems to be more motivated. They said they were flexible on the price and even took the time to complete 100% of the form. (Basically answering all your initial questions)

They said they weren flexible on price 2 reasons alone would make me contact B First

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In basketball, the player that stands by the net the entire game and takes the easy shots is considered a cherry picker. This is frowned upon because they want you to be more engaged in the game. They want you to sweat and push your self so hard to earn each and every point. Not take the easy way out and cherry pick all day.

What if they were in a rush and just provided as much as they could?

They completed 60% of your Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard Trainer

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In my opinion, Cherry Picking the best leads can only help your business. If you get tied up in the if factor, then you may end up hurting your business. You be suprised out how many sellers you can identify upfront.

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I here to talk about the game of real estate and whether the concept of cherry picking in real estate can help or hurt your business. I also going to let you in on why I don follow the come, first serve rule in my business and why you shouldn either.

One of the questions I ask on my website is:

you a really good deal to be. But this is not something you be aware of upfront. You have to make the call to find out. A call that will take time.

Who cares if they signed up first? The fact is that its your business and you deal with whomever you want. Cherry pick the best leads and I guarantee you see sucess much faster. It helps you save time, stay focused, weed out the tire kickers, and get deals closed fast!

Some investors right off the bat, would go after the one with more money (Seller Lead To them it would be a no brainer. You can do alot of things with $20,000 and if you negotiate right you can make more.

Now I know what some investors might be thinking What If they had technical problems with the website?

Seller Lead signed up at 11:00pm on Tuesday

Well, you have a right to ask questions like these. However in my opinion, B would be the easier choice. Initially when I see choices like this, maybe there are valid reasons why A didn completely fill out the form. Maybe they aren as flexible because they feel that they giving Nike Air Max 95 Mens Size 9

I don have the time or patience to play the if game. Cherry picking your leads will save you time because way you are contacting the most qualified leads first. Someone that can even take the time to answer all the questions you provide on your site isn someone who is too serious about selling their home. You could contact them and they could have issues and only reveal information that they want you to know. Not information that you need. If they not flexible on the price, then that is already a sign that you may Air Max High Top

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Let get right to the purpose of this post. Because I not here to talk about going in the field and picking cherries and I not here to talk about the game of basketball.

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However, right off the bat Seller throws up two red flags for me:

Why would anyone want to cherry pick their deals? What if you miss out on a big deal?

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Are you Very Motivated, Somewhat Motivated, or Just Curious?

But first, let start this off the right way the heck is Cherry Picking When It Comes to Real Estate?

have a tough negotiation.

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They completed 100% of your sign up form Air Max Black Red and according to their numbers, you had the potential to make $12,000. They also said that they were flexible on price. (Of course you would need to contact them to confirm and to also confirm their information)

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