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"I said yes to my folks because it paid $12 an hour," he said, noting that he was skeptical of the job at first.

Canada Goose cooks up a plan to aggressively expand

"Dani made it hugely clear to everyone through the process that (made in Canada) was, in his view, a big part Air Max 95 Black And White of the Canada Goose success," he said.

Air Max 95 Black And White

Canada Goose is at a turning point.

Dani Reiss concedes that stocking Air Max Orange And Yellow

shelves in warm climates might seem usual, but he says it makes sense for the company's high end outerwear, which has become a fashion statement as well as a way to stay warm.

The Boston based private equity firm spent $2.55 billion to buy a stake in Shoppers Drug Mart (TSX:SC) before selling most of it off over a five year period.

He emphasized that Canada Goose plans to stick with its current high quality standards, which means cheaper jackets are not in the works.

Bain Capital, which manages about $70 billion in assets, has a history of investments in Canada.

TORONTO The head of Canada Goose is setting his sights on India and other parts of Asia as he looks beyond cold weather for future growth in the jacket business.

Air Max 95 Black And White

"I think it's a lot more exciting and fun to go upmarket," he said.

Air Max 95 Black And White

"What Bain Capital really likes is the reputation," said David Detomasi, assistant professor of international business at Queen's University.

Bain was also part of a group of investors that paid $960 million for Bombardier Recreational Products and more recently, the firm acquired a stake in Dollarama (TSX:DOL), the successful discount retailer.

"If there ever was pressure to go down market it was in the early days when we were really small, wondering what we were going to do."

The growth of Canada Goose has been fierce with its jackets making appearances in Hollywood movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" and more recently on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition featuring shot of model Kate Upton in a partially open jacket and a bikini bottom.

"Cold is relative. Tokyo is our best market in Asia and it never goes below zero," the chief executive said in an interview at the company's headquarters in midtown Toronto.

Air Max 95 Black And White

Reiss had just graduated from the University of Toronto with an English Literature degree when he took a job at the company in 1997. He didn't plan to stick around the family business either, he said.

The momentum encouraged Reiss to turn to investors in an effort to drum up additional financing for the private company's growth. The process was whittled down to about eight interested parties before Bain Capital emerged victorious.

Reiss wants to boost the company's reputation beyond Canada where it sometimes seems like the jackets couldn't get any more popular. private investment firm a majority stake in the brand and promises the kind of financial support that will the help it push into new markets. Reiss will maintain what he calls a "significant minority position."

Canada Goose products are manufactured at the company's facilities in Toronto and Winnipeg, or contracted out within the country, with the exception of its gloves, which are made in China. The company said it White Nike Air Max 95 Junior

Each jacket costs between $500 and $1,200, depending on the style, and while that qualifies as a prestige product, its popularity transcends other pricey brands.

Reiss remembers those days well because it wasn't that long ago.

"I'm not a business guy, I'm not a brand guy . I probably am now."

Air Max 95 Black And White

Air Max 95 Black And White

Air Max 95 Black And White


"They'll consider expanding the brand beyond just coats."

can't find a Canadian facility with the technology to make down filled gloves.

Take a glimpse of any city street this time of year and you'll likely see Canadians wrapped in the jackets emblazoned with the company's trademark badge on the sleeve and a fur trimmed hood.

Air Max 95 Black And White

Critics have questioned whether the investment will signal an end to the made in Canada promise that helped build the Canada Goose name, though David Kassie, chairman of Canaccord Genuity and an adviser on the transaction disputes those suggestions.

"Just like someone in Toronto buys a Range Rover, someone in Tokyo buys a Canada Goose jacket."

Think Canada Goose watches, sports equipment or even down duvets that are marketed as the warmest bedding in the world. While the company hasn't laid out any ideas yet, the possibilities are limitless, as long as Canada Goose maintains its Air Max 120 Hyper Orange

"For us, we're always very careful with our product extensions," Reiss said.

Air Max 95 Black And White

Air Max 95 Black And White

Even though Canada Goose was founded in a Toronto warehouse more than 55 years ago by his grandfather, the company only became a major brand over the past decade.

Air Max 95 Black And White

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