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This is ridicilous! Someone needs to be regulating these slum lords. I feel sorry for this guy. I can't believe he is paying $600/month for that dump. I know we had a shortage of rental units but I never in a million years imagined that place would be Nike Air Max 95 Mens Sale

In an interview Thursday, Ridgeway said he did spend five days in jail last week. But he said no one in the apartment or from the city had informed him about an infestation of bed bugs in the building. He said he left clear instructions on his door to contact the apartment's other employees in case a tenant needed something.

Housing regulations are different from the building code, which covers structural issues. Common in other states, they outline health and safety standards, Drinnon said.

infestation on my girlfriend and I. Nobody we know has bed bugs and we ALWAYS keep our apartment clean. So far CSI Realty has not done anything about this infestation and are extremely rude!!! Do not rent or buy anything from these people, since the first time we have had to deal with this company they have been rude and condescending.

Stratton reported his case to the Health Department after a visit to the emergency room Saturday. The department took his complaint and said it Nike Air Max 95 Grape would be in touch with the apartment's management. He was offered this recommendation: Leave the apartment and go to the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter.

"Where else do I have to go?" he asked.

John Drinnon, environmental health division director for the Health Department, called Stratton's case "pretty alarming," but said there was not much his department could do. Health officials do not regularly inspect apartment complexes, as they do motels and hotels. Wyoming does not have housing regulations, meaning health officials cannot deliver directives to landlords, he said. "We wish we could do more for occupants, but again it takes an effort from both landlords and occupants" to get rid of bed bugs.

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

How great it would be if every owner is compulsory asked to get Pest Free Certificate from Pest Control Company before selling or giving it for rent. Being an Exterminator I know this will bloom pest control business but at least people will not suffer. Many people opt DIY (Do it yourself) method to deal with bed bugs. But trust me without knowledge about them you cannot get rid of it. So leave those things to professional like us. I always keep on giving suggestions to avoid bed bugs, but people don't bother to follow. And at the end I say people themselves are responsible for infestation. This was confirmed by Terminix. CSI Realty is the company who manages these complexes. They are trying to blame this Nike Air Max 95 New

Stratton holds out a sliver of hope that the issue will be resolved and he can stay at the apartments. But he is also looking for other housing options in Casper. That's a challenging task.

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

An exterminator needs to "bomb" each room in a building to effectively clear it of bed bugs, he said.

The number of reported bed bug cases in Casper is rising, according to the Casper Natrona County Health Department. As Stratton's case demonstrates, there is little the city can do about it.

Christopher Stratton lives on the second floor at the Star Apartments. There is no artwork on his walls. He has no furniture, no bed. He sleeps on a military blanket and pillow on the floor. Since moving in on March 7, he claims he hasn't had a good night's sleep.

"I have a job. Being told I should go to a homeless shelter," he said, "I'd rather see Air Max Griffey

The apartments have had one reported case of bed bugs in the past, Ridgeway said. He "bombed the apartment" as well as the two adjoining units, he said. If a tenant came to him with a similar report, "we would take care of it," he said.

This is very sad for all involved. This is a privately owned facility. CHA has recently experienced a change in leadership and we are working diligently on a new plan to provide additional low income housing to the Casper community.

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

charging more than $200/month. Unfortunately, people have no other choice and that is just terrible. If you want to rent a decent apartment you are going to pay good money for it. I have a brand new 3 bedroom apt. and am paying $1400/month plus utilities. Casper desperately needs more rental housing. Someone needs to come in and offer clean, safe, affordable living and put these slum lords out of business. Not cheap, but cheaper than fumigating ("bombing" an apartment usually does not work), and it's the most effective method. Never had a problem since. Bedbugs are sneaky, but can be outsmarted. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

Stratton's apartment is infested with bed bugs. Squished bodies of those he's killed stick to his walls. Festering open wounds cover his arms. The outlines of old bite marks are still visible on his neck.

Bed bug reports have risen "significantly" in the past three years, though there are no official statistics for residential buildings, Drinnon said. Bed bugs are not considered reportable; as a result, they are not reported incidents and are not counted, state and local officials said.

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

Meanwhile, he'll continue to sleep where he has.

Stratton did not inform the Star Apartments of the infestation before going to the Health Department. He said he could not find the apartment's manager, Lawrence Wayne Ridgeway, last week because he was in jail.

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

Nike Air Max 95 Grape

A cook at McDonald's who pays $600 a month to live at the Star Apartments, Stratton was insulted.

can Casper stop them

the problem fixed."

The issue is one that needs to be addressed, Drinnon said. "It is a major nuisance in the community," he said. "The time is probably right for housing regulations."

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